“I learned that you should just live your life. Live in the moment. Be carefree and happy because you will never know which day will be your last. I learned that you should breathe it in, breath your life in and enjoy it. Always be optimistic and be nice to people, open to people. Follow your dreams but make sure that you know what your dreams are. If you find something really great, don’t screw it up, don’t mess it up but hang on to it. You never know how and when it ends.” - Stana Katic
A Walking Container

A good daughter. Raised by my fictional parents Rick Castle & Kate Beckett. Inspired by my biological dream parents Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic
Mom and Dad named me "Maria Stacia" but they call me "Nik". I love to live in a world of fantasy.
Welcome to my world.

I know that Kate was to break things up between him and Castle but we cannot blame her. Can we? She was clueless on where their relationship was going. She loves Castle yet she thinks that what if their relationship won’t go as far as she wanted it to, knowing Castle had 2 failed marriages like remember when she said that she doesn’t want to feel broken again after her mom’s death? She was afraid that what if he chooses Castle and things wouldn’t go the way she imagined it to be. At the swings I know that she was to choose the job over Castle because as we all know she’s a smart woman and she would go for the smart decision, and it was.The job at DC was a sure thing, it’s a great opportunity, she will be able to grow and she knows where it’s headed.

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    It’s nice to see other theories, I’ve (mostly) only seen the ones where she decided to stay, but I’m sticking with that...
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    She had no clues about their relationship because they have never talked about it! I mean you can’t randomly ask “where...
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